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Our Specialties
Healthy Coconut milk /Wheat /Ghee /Milk Products /Dates / Glucose /Cashew based healthy sweets.
We prepare Yummy, Hygienic, Quality, Economical Sweets.

The Yummy Taste does not let anyone stop eating.

Muscoth Halwa has been around for few decades now. Have you heard of the origin of the present Muscoth Halwa recipe? The present recipe was Researched and Developed by none other than our grandfather, A. Joseph. The recipe and cooking methods were passed on to his grandson, Mr.Johnson who is manufacturing the sweet with it’s original taste. Many employees have gone out and have started their own businesses, but they are not able to maintain quality, original taste and hygiene. Many customers who have tasted other brands have returned to us for our original taste and quality. We are masters of cooking the sweet in two different tastes and forms. Many want our Muscoth Halwa in its soft form, so we make it the way they wish. But there are few old-timers those who want it in it’s harder chewy form, we make it for them on special requests. To make a harder, chewy-type Muscoth Halwa, it requires a different stroke. The taste, color, and flavor would differ a little bit. To make a harder chewy-type Muscoth Halwa it requires a different stroke and extra cooking hours. After tasting Muscoth Halwa from other brands, one must taste our own SJ Muscoth Halwa before passing judgement on Muscoth Halwa’s original taste. 

SJ Sweets is experiencing growth at an accelerated pace, since its inception in the year 2000, under the proficient headship of Mr. A.Joseph, our grandfather (late). Before brand SJ, our grandfather was running the business for decades without any name. The profound knowledge and vast experience of the founder have assisted the company to acquire distinguished position.

The degree of sweetness is kept standard as consumption of excessive sugar leads to obesity. We forward the sweets through advanced packaging in a tamper-proof manner for safe and secure transit. In a very short period, our sweets and sweet dishes have become the favourite items of people after lunch, dinner, and during a short break, etc.

SJ Sweets

Our products are meant to be consumed and so their quality is of paramount concern. Calling on this shot, our products are made available with high standards and hygienic quality.

For us, quality is not formality but duty. We comply with the quality policy so that we can serve our customers with the best. The products are hygienically prepared and packed by safe hands to provide fulfillment as per requirements. We get standard products from reliable sources and process it further for in-house quality checks.

It is always advised to develop a healthy eating habit to avoid obesity and health-related ailments like diabetes and others. At SJ Sweets, these facts are kept highlighted.

We follow standard quality measures at all stages that were passed on to us by our grandfather, who made Muscoth Halwa a tasty successful sweet. This taste has won us a National Award. Our quality staff remains adhered to the standard quality norms and ensures the supply of hygienic and well-prepared sweets.

SJ Sweets


Our vision is to maintain the quality standards and tastes passed on to us by our grandfather and to introduce newer products by undertaking extensive Research and Development.

SJ Sweets


Our mission is to continuously respond to the ever-changing trends and manufacture superior quality sweets that place a smile on everyone's face while tasting.

SJ Sweets


Quality is not just a formality, but it is a duty. We comply with the quality policy so that we can serve our customers with the best. Quality is of paramount importance to us.