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Are you looking for a lip smacking Muscoth Halwa from whom it has been INTRODUCED? Call +91 98421 59590 / +91 94440 01339 or +91 4639 261703. Our Grand Father (A.Joseph) is the one who had introduced this renowned sweet. We guarantee to serve you in the best way. Yummy and sweet are the buzzwords that define SJ Muscoth Halwa. We are viewed as one of two Famous Muscoth Halwa manufacturers and suppliers from the South of India.
Sweets give a special touch during all happy occasions. And in India, sweets form an integral part of celebration, be it marriage, birth of a child or festival. And we, at SJ Sweets, have been trying to make every occasion a special one with our Muscoth Halwa. At SJ Sweets, We have been preparing Muscoth Halwa from generation to generations in a traditional way, giving hygiene the top priority. So the next time you get the urge to eat, make sure it is from SJ Sweets. Before concluding on the taste of Muscoth Halwa you should and must take an opportunity to taste ours.
The sweets made under SJ 's roof are from nature's rich produce. This was introduce in India by our Grandfather A.Joseph few decades back. He started it in a very humble way. Now we are well known to most of the sweet lover. In India if your mouth pronounces the name “Muscoth Halwa” the credit will by default enter into the books of our grandfather. We have been taught by our grandfather about quality since our childhood. He always used to say “First you Rob human heart and the money will follow”. There are millions those who have lost their hearts to the taste of our Muscoth Halwa.
Our Muscoth Halwa is prepared under strict quality control standards in complete hygienic conditions in accordance with prevailing international standards and in the traditional manner under our direct supervision.
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